A Long-Term Vision for Massachusetts

The Energy Efficiency Advisory Council guides the progress of energy efficiency in the Commonwealth, ensuring our continuing leadership in implementation, integration, and innovation.

Through collaborative effort, we are achieving the full potential of the Green Communities Act and generating significant and sustainable benefits for all of our citizens.

Since 2010, the EEAC has been overseeing energy efficiency plans designed to "provide for the acquisition of all available energy efficiency and demand reduction resources that are cost-effective or less expensive than supply." These Plans have resulted in energy efficiency goals that are among the highest in the nation.

In 2021, the Massachusetts legislature and Governor Baker passed An Act Creating a Next-Generation Roadmap for Climate Policy which required a GHG reduction goal for the 2022-2024 Energy Efficiency Plans. The goal requires the Electric and Gas Plans to collectively save at least 845,000 metric tons of CO2e in 2030. This was set as the minimum contribution, to achieve an overall statewide limit of 50% reduction from 1990 emissions. The goal codifies Massachusetts’s recognition that energy efficiency plays a central role in meeting climate mandates.

Meeting Materials

The monthly EEAC meetings generate a wealth of information. All of the materials presented at each monthly meeting are easily accessible and available for public viewing.

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Plans & Updates

The utility operated energy efficiency programs operate in accordance with three-year plans developed in collaboration with the EEAC and approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

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Results & Reporting

A multitude of reports track energy efficiency program results. These reports include Utility Energy Efficiency Program Administrators Annual Results, Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports, and Monthly Dashboards.

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The utility operated energy efficiency programs produce energy savings and benefits that involve the expenditures of unprecedented levels of ratepayer funds.

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Next EEAC Meeting

Thu 26

EEAC Equity Working Group Subcommittee Meeting

May 26 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Public Comment

The Massachusetts EEAC welcomes public comment on issues discussed at its meetings. Public comment can be submitted by presenting in person at a monthly EEAC meeting or by uploading a PDF version of your comments.

Planning Resources

The Three-Year Plan

The 2008 Green Communities Act established the Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Advisory Council (EEAC) to oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of the energy efficiency plans for Massachusetts investor-owned utilities and Cape Light Compact, also referred to as the Program Administrators (PAs). These plans are required to maximize economic benefits for residents and businesses through energy efficiency programs and achieve the Commonwealth’s energy, climate, and environmental goals through a sustained and integrated statewide energy efficiency effort.

The PAs submit their three-year plans to the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) on or before October 31 of the applicable planning year. The PAs’ most recent plan was filed with the DPU on November 1, 2021 for the 2022-2024 timeframe. The DPU must, within 90-days of the filing date, approve, modify, or reject and require the resubmission of the three-year plans.

How can I stay up-to-date on the current three year plan?

Attend an EEAC meeting: The EEAC holds meetings every month, typically on the third Wednesday of the month

Review Plan Results: PA report on plan achievement on a quarterly, annual, and three-year term bases (link to results and reporting page)