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A long-term vision for Massachusetts

The Energy Efficiency Advisory Council guides the progress of energy efficiency in the Commonwealth, ensuring our continuing leadership in implementation, integration, and innovation. Through collaborative effort, we are achieving the full potential of the Green Communities Act and generating significant and sustainable benefits for all of our citizens.

Plans & Updates

The utility operated energy efficiency programs operate in accordance with three-year plans developed in collaboration with the EEAC and approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. The current plan covers 2013 through 2015. In addition to the three-year plans, mid-term modifications and annual implementation updates are also put in place to ensure program success.

Results & Reporting

A multitude of reports track energy efficiency program results. These reports include Utility Energy Efficiency Program Administrators Annual Results, Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports, and Monthly Dashboards. The EEAC issues an Annual Report to the Legislature, and the EEAC Consultant Team produces a Consultant Team Monthly Report detailing its work on behalf of the EEAC.


The utility operated energy efficiency programs produce energy savings and benefits that involve the expenditures of unprecedented levels of ratepayer funds. It is critical that these programs be evaluated, measured, and verified (EM&V). The EEAC is charged with managing the EM&V process. All EM&V studies along with avoided cost studies, Technical Reference Manuals and ad hoc studies are available here.

Meeting Materials

The monthly EEAC meetings generate a wealth of information. All of the materials presented at each monthly meeting are easily accessible and available for public viewing. This includes all agendas, minutes, and reports from both full Council and Subcommittee meetings. In addition, all presentations made by the Utility Energy Efficiency Program Administrators and the EEAC Consultant Team during these meetings are available.


Latest Council Meetings & Materials

February 17 EEAC Meeting
Date: 10 Feb 2016
MA EEAC Meeting – PAs present data dashboard with preliminary year-end results; Council discusses 2016 meeting schedule and topics; DOER presents on its priorities; C-Team presents on trends in energy efficiency; Council approves 2016 priorities; Council approves C-Team work plan and budget
Date: 20 Jan 2016
MA EEAC Meeting – PAs present data dashboard with year-end projections; PAs present on super peak avoided cost study; Council discusses 2016 priorities, proposed topics for 2016 meetings, lessons learned during the three-year planning process, and proposed changes to the MTM criteria
Date: 16 Dec 2015